Added protection for clients and their estates

In Home Care Management

  • Arrange a return home when safe and possible
  • Assist with immediate out of home placement when circumstances require it
  • Engage caregivers and/or arrange placement outside the home
  • Provide comprehensive assessment and individualized care plan
  • Arrange and schedule affordable outings from home or placement
  • Organize and coordinate appointments to doctor, attorney, financial institution, shopping, visiting friends and family and necessary activities
  • Oversee and assist everyday personal health care needs
  • Assist with medical decisions, both inpatient and outpatien
  • Make medical decisions when individual is unable to do so for self
  • Assist with home modifications allowing client to remain in home
  • Arrange for and schedule appropriate level of dementia care
  • Assist with organization and de-cluttering when hoarding is an issue
  • Manage and minimize fraud and exploitation of vulnerable individuals
  • Supervise visits with family member(s) when warranted or necessary
  • Coordinate and assist with all in-home activities whenever necessary
In Home Care Management


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